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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 5! I will survive!!!

Buenas Dias!

It has already been another week which means I get to embark on an adventure into the real world soon! I am so excited to finally get out of here and into the mission field! The CCM has been great but I'm excited to experience the real thing :) Now onto the dealings of the week

On Thursday we had a special devotional by a 70 and his coworker who are over the missionary program and they gave good talks about being bold but not overbearing, and talking with people not to people.

On Friday night it was raining super hard and there was lightning (Which isn't uncommon here) but suddenly the lights went out. We went outside to watch the storm because it was too dark  inside and found out that the power went out in the whole CCM. It was pretty cool just to watch the lightning flashing everywhere. By the time we returned to our casa the power was back on.

On Saturday after lunch we started fasting because here they fast dinner and breakfast instead of breakfast and lunch. So it is a complete 24 hour fast. It is nice to fast, not only because of the blessings we receive, but also to have the extra study time when our meals normally would be. I've made it my goal to finish reading the Book of Mormon while here. I encourage all of you whether you have read it or not, to read the Book of Mormon in its entirety and listen to Moroni's promise and pray with a sincere heart to know if it is true. I know that if you do, you will receive a burning in your heart testifying that it is true.

On Sunday we were walking to our classroom and then hear hermanas scream so we ran to see what was going on and there was a mouse! We had a plastic cup so we caught the mouse and it was actually pretty cute. We decided to let him go because it looked like it was about to have a heart attack.

Monday morning Elder Wright (one of my roommates) told me that previous night he couldn't fall asleep and it was late and I was kind of mumbling in my sleep and then I yelled out "Claro" which means "Clear/I understand/Of course" in Spanish. So apparently I am dreaming in Spanish even though I don't remember my dreams! :)

Today I played soccer and eventually my district left to play volleyball so I stayed and played soccer. I ended up being the only white... I mean pink... kid with a bunch of Mexicans. It was so much fun because they were good and I played up to their level. I scored every goal for my team except for 2 (13 for 15 isn't too bad) :) By the end they all loved me and have my name memorized :) I even got to talk to a kid for awhile while I was taking a break and I understood probably 90% of what he was saying. He was a Mexican who didn't like soccer but loved football (Who would a thought?). It was soooo much fun and made my day.

I love you all, continue to do the best you can and go for gold :)
Elder Nielson
Elder Nielson and Elder Yuit

Not all soles can be saved!

Here is to better days! Duct tape oh yeah!

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