Vina Del Mar, Chile

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 9: Chilean Food, Greek Customs

Buenas Dias!

This week has been a good one! We have been super busy so it has gone by super fast! I know I have been doing my part because every night my body is dead and I fall asleep instantly.

Anyways, Monday we visited a less active lady whose husband and son were going to be baptized a couple years ago but stuff happened and it fell through. Her family is going through super difficult times but we were able to talk to her and help her out some. We are going to try to help and teach her husband and son. (The other day when we visited her as we were leaving she stood up to shake our hands instead of staying seated, which is a super big sign of respect and love here, and she said we are her VIP's which touched our hearts). After the visit to her we went to a Family Home Evening with a member family which was good, especially because we had pie ;)

Tuesday we met with a family who has been taught for about four years, so we have been very direct with them so that they don't become eternal investigators. They aren't married and have 4 or 5 kids (Just like half of Chile) and we taught them the importance of marriage, especially a marriage in the temple. Then we had lunch with a family who was absolutely hilarious! We were dying of laughter and they even gave us 2 references! Then we went and visited a less active family and had a lesson and cake. I am probably going to get at least a little bit fat here, but I am fighting it as much as I can. Finally we ended by teaching a man named Javier who was a street contact that we ran into as an answer to a prayer, So i hope everything works out with him. The lesson went well and we got a return appointment.

Wednesday was a good day as well. We had our district meeting and it was good. Our district leader is awesome and has lots of animo (Encouragement/is encouraging/enthusiastic). There isn't a single word direct translation for the word animo haha. Anyways after the meeting we had a lunch with a member except she was a woman alone in the house so we couldn't eat there so we ate with her neighbors who were inactive members and we taught them. One seemed super interested in the message we had. After that we helped get Juan to his baptismal interview which he passed! It is so funny, whenever you ask him what the sabbath day is he always says "Well you have a good lunch, then you take a nap and then you spend time with family and eat a good dinner." After that we have to ask him " And what do we do in the morning?" he will immediately reply "Go to church!" That is how it happens every time and it is super hilarious but super awesome. After that we did some contacting and taught and talked with a man named Fernando who is very catholic and we got a return appointment which is good.

Thursday was a good day. We had studies and then weekly planning. Then we went to lunch and had lentils and I actually like them quite a bit. After that we went contacting and I personally gave out my first Book of Mormon! After that we had two awesome lessons that I actually started participating in which was great! Then at night we ran and got some completos as a late night snack! It was a good tiring day.

Friday was a pretty good day. After our morning preparation and planning we went to lunch and the lady fed us so much food! Chilean's are like the Greeks and constantly are offering you food and insisting that you eat it and eat more, and if you refuse they get offended or offer you the other food items they have until you eat something haha :) After lunch we went and held one of her ducks!! So I held a duck on Friday :) After that we did work and visited some people. Finally we went looking for the bishop at the church because there was a going away party for a family and we thought he would be there. He wasn't there, he was at home sleeping after a long day but the members invited us in and offered (Insisted and made us eat) food and dessert haha, the Chilean Greeks ;) While my companion was talking to someone I saw a ton of youth playing "Just Dance" a dancing video game so I started to do the dance where I was and started to get into it. 30 seconds later I looked over and saw the bishop's wife, the relief society president, and another hermana watching me dance and laughing, but they all gave me a thumbs up so my dancing must have been at least somewhat decent ;) It was so funny and probably made my day haha :)

Saturday was a long day. We went and helped people move from 11-4. It wasn't too bad but I was in the sun so my neck and arms got fried!! My face was okay because I put sunscreen on it. It is hot and sunny during the day (The sun is really strong here and burns me easily) and pretty humid, so I sweat, but it isn't as hot as Idaho during the summer. After that we went and got food because it was 5ish and we hadn't had food yet because our lunch appointment canceled on us. We had two appointments Saturday night. One was with Juan and it went well, but the other one canceled on us which was super frustrating because it is a 20 minute walk to her house.

Sunday was a great day! After a ton of stuff going wrong (The hot water not working, The font having problems, the location of the baptism changing multiple times, People bailing on the talks they promised to give, etc.) we finally got to the baptism of Juan. I had the great opportunity to actually be the person to baptize Juan. Like I said the hot water didn't work so the water was Ice freezing cold, but we did the baptism anyway. After being super nervous and doing the baptism in Spanish It was over and I felt so happy! I asked Juan if he was cold because he was soaked with the freezing water and he said "No, I am not cold at all, I am actually really warm right now." That almost made me tear up because I knew that the spirit was burning within him. After the baptism a little girl who is 3 or 4 years old (Whose family we have a Family Home Evening with every week) came running down the hall to say hi to us and was super excited to see us (which made my day even better) and I squatted down to shake her hand and she flung herself around me and gave me a big hug. I am pretty sure she has a crush on me because she always gives me flirting looks and giggles when we teach at her house. But don't worry, I am resisting temptation and not flirting at all on the mission ;) She is such a cute little girl though!

That was my fantastic week! I am super tired but I love my life as a missionary!
I love and miss you all!

Elder Nielson
Picture is Juan and his family (Daughter and granddaughter and grandson)

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