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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 4 and nothing more (quite the poet)

Buenas Dias!

This week has been a pretty standard one. Everyday is still just filled with learning, studying, teaching, and a little bit of playing.

This week for teaching both of our "Investigators" have agreed to be baptized which is great and our lessons are going smoothly. The only new thing for teaching was Saturday when we had TRC. TRC is where our teachers invite friends, family members, co-workers, or anyone they know, who could be members or non-members and we have to teach them a lesson. It was an awesome experience because we got to teach two non-members (only companionship who was trusted with both the non members ;) ) which was intimidating at first, but ended up being great. The first was a young woman, probably about 17 or 18 who was named Laura. We taught her about prayer and receiving answers and revelation from God. She was taught by 2 other companionship's and afterwords said she wanted to be baptized!! It was super exciting. 

After Laura we taught Alma, a young married woman with a 9 month old baby girl. Before hand our instructor gave my companion a 5 to 10 minute lecture/information talk stating how important it was to teach with the spirit and use it's guidance because this lesson was a make or break for Alma. It was so nerve wracking after receiving that talk and I felt so inadequate. But I gave the most heartfelt to plea to God for the spirit and the gift of tongues. The lesson went so well! I believe it was the best lesson we have taught... well allowed the spirit to teach. She had lots of doubts and questions. We taught her that we have a loving God in heaven and that he wants to talk to us and help us. We taught that to talk to us he gave us prophets (There happened to be a picture of the prophet in the room we were using... Divine intervention) to receive revelation for us. We taught her what revelation was and that we can also receive revelation on our own through prayer and reading the scriptures. She agreed to read more of the Book of Mormon and to pray to to if it is true! It was so amazing and makes me so excited to actually get out and teach :) After Sunday our teacher (who is friends with Alma) Said that she went to church with him and she loved it, especially relief society. I hope she gets baptized because it would bless her life so much, and knowing that we helped her receive those blessing would bring me such great joy!

This week soccer has been pretty good. I continually have scrapes on my elbow and arms but nothing too bad. Although this week we have been playing with some Peruvians and they are super good. One day Elder Yuit (A Peruvian) and I went to head a ball at the same time. We both nicked the ball but drilled each other in the head. That was Saturday afternoon and I still have a goose egg above my left eye, right above the eyebrow, but I've always been a fan of bruises and war wounds ;) 

On Tuesday we had a devotional by M. Russel Ballard which was broadcast from the Provo MTC. It was super cool because it was just a bunch of advice like a grandfather would give his grandson. He talked about waking up and making every day the best day it can be. So basically living each day with "No Regrets". 

Tomorrow we have a special devotional so I Believe it is a General Authority that is coming! So I am super excited! Although our Zone (4 districts with about 12 in each districts) was picked to be the choir for the devotional (Heaven help me!) and if any of you have heard me sing before well ...Heaven help the Audience!

This morning I got a haircut! It was kind of nervewracking because they are known for giving bad haircuts here (They are free... but still) But I don't think it turned out bad at all, it is super short so now I am rocking the mini faux hawk.
The weirdest thing I guess was there was a mosquito in our room (each night before bed we go on a mosquito hunt because during the night they buzz really loudly around your head and it is hard to sleep) and my companion hit it out of the air (our favorite way to kill mosquitoes is by backhanding them out of they air and they fall to the floor and die from the impact, because that way we don't get blood on our hands) and it landed on the floor, he stomped on it with flat shoes, and it started flying again, so he stomped on it again, and it started flying. He stomped on it 5 times before it died, so we called it the devil mosquito. We are still worried that it will come back to life to get us. 

Besides that all is going well

Thank you all for your prayers and support!
Love you all,
Elder Nielson

PS:  I am leaving the MTC the 7th of October.

Sun burn after doing a service project outside.

Just having fun! (before the haircut)

 My haircut. Pretty short so sporting the mini faux hawk!


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