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Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 20: Senior Companion Status = Achieved

Buenas Dias!

This week has been a hard hot stressful week, but I am learning and progressing more than ever :) Last week I expressed some concern about Elder C being a little trunky and having to deal with that but that worry is gone now. Why you may ask? Because this week was not a normal week.

Monday night we had finished enjoying our P-day and working a little bit and were getting ready to sleep when we received a call. We looked at the screen and it said "Presidente." Immediately we got a little bit worried, And I got even more worried when Elder C left the room to go talk to him privately. When he came back I got the sad news. We had emergency changes because a missionary in another sector needed help. So The next morning elder cropper was going to leave to a different sector and I was going to stay. Then I got even more news, I was going to stay and be the senior companion. Elder C packed up and then we slept, well tried to anyways.

Tuesday we had changes and I got my new companion. Elder H is a Chilean who has a month more than me in the mission. He is from Punta Arenas which is the southernmost city in Chile. I was sad to have Elder C go but I was excited to have a new companion and the opportunity to be senior companion.

Because of this emergency change I went from doing about 30 percent of the work to doing 95 percent of the work which was really stressful! Making every decision, planning every lesson, doing every door approach was super scary! And talking in Spanish 24/7 with a Chilean companion was even more stressful! But I have relied on the lord and am a lot more calm. I feel like I am getting the hang of being a missionary.

Work wise things are good and tough. Investigators is something we lack a little bit, but we are working hard to find new ones and to encounter baptisms. But we are doing well with the less actives and less actives who have their endowment. Our mission is making a big push to reactivate the less active members who have gone to the temple and made the covenants there. This week we had 3 of the 10 we were given come to church and we had an awesome lesson with one of them.

R is a returned missionary who is inactive. He returned home early from his mission after 6 months of service for minor health reasons, but used the health reasons as a small excuse to come home. Afterwords he said he had some doubts and we told him we would pass by and answer them. The lesson was amazing. He told us his doubts which didn't have much to do with the church, but more to do with the bible and a claim that god messed up. We started to answer his question when the spirit took over the lesson. I don't know the bible very well, but all of a sudden the few things I did know came to me and were the perfect answer to his question. Then I felt like I should talk about the temple and I did. The spirit truly guided the lesson and hit him hard. After talking about the temple he just stopped and sat for a minute and then said. Thank you, I haven't felt like this in a long time. I have been wanting to feel the spirit and I feel it now. Thank you. When we left he gave us big long hugs and I knew that he had be changed. He came to church on Sunday and I felt so happy for him :) 

That's what I learned this week. It doesn't matter what we want to say or what we know, its what the spirit says and what it does to the person listening. We need to work hard every day to follow the spirit and to recognize its influence in our lives.

Stay golden and be awesome!!

Love you all! 
Elder Nielson

P.s I have a true testimony of the resurrection because every night I get back to the apartment dead and somehow the next morning I wake up ;)
Elder N and Elder H with Chilean friends

Taylor's new companion Elder H

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